Founded in 1992 by Dr. Gary May, a former Dean of the Georgia Tech College of Engineering, the Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering/Sciences (S.U.R.E.) program is committed to increasing the number of qualified students who are traditionally under-represented in STEM fields. These include but are not limited to students from racial/ethnic minority groups, women, or first generation college students. 

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2023 Dates

October 10, 2022

Application Opens

February 15, 2023

Application Deadline

March 15, 2023

Decisions on or before

May 21 - July 28, 2023

Tentative 2023 Program Dates




Since that time, the SURE program has experienced some significant results.

According to the findings of the 2022 post-program surveys the participants observed significant gains in:

  • Planning and preparing for graduate school (89%)
  • Positively impacted my decision to attend graduate school in a STEM field at Georgia Tech (63%)
  • Understanding what everyday research is like «
  • Understanding the theory and concepts that guided their research «
  • Confidence in their ability to do well in future technical/scientific courses «
  • Identifying limitations of research methods and designs «
  • Using problem solving skills in the research process «

Over 500 students have participated in SURE since its inception and:

  • 75% of them ultimately attended graduate school, either for a master’s degree or a PhD.
  • Half of those who attended graduate school did so at Georgia Tech

A few stats about the 2022 SURE cohort:

  • 43 student researchers from across the country
  • 160 applications
  • $11,500 cost per student 
  • 46% women and 59% URM
  • 31% First-Generation
  • 3.6 average cum GPA
  • 19 graduate student social mentors
  • 49 graduate student research mentors
  • 3 Graduate Coordinators/1 Program Assistant
  • Five industry tours and three SURE sponsored social events
  • One GRE Prep course
  • Two NSF GRFP Prep courses
  • Currently ~25 SURE alumni enrolled in graduate programs at GT